Multimedia: Thaipusam and Blue Mannequins in Penang, Malaysia

NOVEMBER 21, 2013

Last year I attended a photo workshop run by two inspirational photographers, Matt Brandon ( and Gavin Gough ( The workshop took place during the Thaipusam Festival ( Below are a couple projects I made during the workshop.

Nicholas and his family were kind enough to allow me to join and photograph them during the 2012 Thaipusam festival in Penang, Malaysia. It was a pleasure witnessing how values such as tradition and devotion flow directly from Thaipusam into the creation and sustenance of a strong family.

Thaipusam and Family

For a second assignment, I was given a choice of 12 or so songs and was told to create a story through photographs to go along with one of the songs. I chose "Mad World" by Gary Jules. This is the result. Definitely got some strange looks from shoppers and store clerks while photographing this project in Penang, Malaysia!


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