32 Week Checkup in Delhi

DECEMBER 15, 2012

A pretty calm ride on Outer Ring Rd.

My wife and I live in New Delhi, India and are due to have our first child in the beginning of February. Life in Delhi is quite different than life at home in the U.S. and having a baby is one of those life events that brings particular attention to the those differences - mostly the challenging ones:

D"amn this nasty pollution...will our baby come out with 14 toes? If yes, how will we adapt the "This little Piggy" song? Will my wife get giardia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giardia) or dengue fever? If yes, ...Jesus why are we here? Will a car seat be able to be buckled into this old ass taxi? Where's the seat blet? Do I even need a car seat - the lady side saddling on that motorcycle and cradling her baby with her family doesn't have one!? Why does a rickshaw driver try to outrageously overcharge my obviously pregnant wife when she is walking home on a busy street (I didn't know about this until I came back from a photo shoot). Why doesn't the sales clerk at the baby shop find it funny that his store sells crib mattresses but no sheets..."we don't carry bed sheets."

Why can't there just be a Target? even a Walmart? Well, that might be going a bit too far.

2020 Update: Looking back and reading this makes me laugh.  Culture Shock at its best!  We ended up living in India for 6 more years...and had another baby...in the same hospital...with the same doctor!  We feel very lucky to have our kids in India and the good care we received.

  • Early morning drive to the hospital with our favorite taxi driver Jagir. Who needs windshield wipers anyway?

  • This is taken very seriously.

  • Ultra sound confirmed a smiling baby and 10 toes only.

  • We went on a hospital tour. Like many things in India, there are 4 classes of recovery rooms: Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Suite. Pictured is half of "The Suite."

  • The lobby.

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