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The purpose of this website is to share some photos I took and connect with other like-minded people.  What do my photos tell you about me?

About Me:

A neurologist in India once commented that I was a "simple man".  My wife and I immediately burst out laughing.  Was this a compliment?  I don't know...but I will keep this "About Me" simple.

I am tall human being who loves the creative process.

I worked many years as a photographer, specializing in a wide variety of genres - street photography being my favorite.

I stutter when I talk and I hated it for much of my life.  To my surprise when I was in my mid 30s, I had a transformative experience that turned hate into love and fear into trust - thanks to meditation.

I am now work as a school counselor and try to hit the streets as often as possible.

Fee free to contact me:   tim@timsteadman.com 

- Tim :)

Below are two of my favorite projects:

Thaipusam and Family


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